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Rooted in trust and authenticity, like all good relationships.

The world changes through relationships between people. In everything we do, we seek opportunities to build and strengthen Present Partnerships with our clients and teammates.

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Bring people, processes, and platforms together through our holistic and customized consulting subscriptions

Joyful + Sustainable Products

Salesforce® and all its friends: configured to delight

No matter what we build, from technology to team cultures, we begin by quickly creating a “minimum loveable product” and evolving from there in sprints. This agile process, fueled by close collaboration and honest feedback, keeps everyone aligned from illumination > implementation > iteration.

  • Date modelling
  • Process Automation
  • Interface Design
  • Data Migration
Skilled + Creative People

Turn admins into engineers, managers into strategists, users into raving fans

We learn—and educate our partners about—how teams are currently thriving, where opportunities exist to grow skills, and which needs are best met by a new structure or welcoming new people onto the team. Then we coach skills through collaborative training, define and fill new roles, and celebrate successes all along the way.

  • 1-1 Coaching
  • Recruitment + Screening
  • User Adoption
  • Change management
Simple + Scalable Processes

Team strategies for smart collaboration and impact measurement

Culture eats strategy for breakfast and software for snacks. We make sure what we develop together fits and enhances the unique culture of your organization. We map how teams work together, and analyze these processes and outcomes through the lenses of scalability and meaningful measurement.

  • Current Systems + Staffing Analysis
  • Bussiness Process Mapping
  • Technical Roadmap Creation
  • User Story Mapping
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In it for the long haul

& big-hearted

We partner with our clients in the form of quarterly subscriptions. When we start work together, we’ll pick a target for the value we’ll deliver to you each quarter. If we don’t come through on that value, we ask you to pay us for however much value you feel you received.

Our clients are guaranteed to get more than they pay for, quarter after quarter.

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In it for the long haul

We're there when you need us

We are great at what we do because each member of our team anticipates need and actively supports the happiness and success of our clients. We’re the friend that - when the moment calls for it - shows up in your office with sushi for a late night work sprint. And we’re the friend that - early and often - encourages you to take a brain break. It’s how we roll as a team, and we bring that same energy to our clients.

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Turn up the data, let’s get cloud.

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